Cissy houston - he / i believe / nothing can stop me

Today (December 26, 2017) marks the seventh anniversary of the late, great Teena Marie’s passing. It doesn’t seem like its been that long by far, but it was December 26, 2010, when the R&B legend ?

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Still, she hopes her book will remind people “what a good person she was. I want people to know the truth about her, how she really was.”

Houston dabbled only in light drugs during the initial stages of her career, say several people who were around her at the time. But as her fame grew by leaps and bounds, so did the pressure to succeed and her need to escape from it all. “It was hard, given her two brothers were into drugs,” Monique Houston says. “During the early and mid-’80s, a lot of people were doing drugs, and Gary was in rehab several times for it. I think it was hard for her to go a different way with such easy access to it and those around her doing it, too.” Neither Gary Houston nor Michael Houston would comment for this article.

"I have never spoken about her until now," she writes. "And she knew I wouldn't. She was a loyal friend, and she knew I was never going to be disloyal to her. I was never going to betray her. Now I can't believe that I'm never going to hug her or hear her laughter again."

Houston released her fifth studio album, entitled Just Whitney in December 2002. [19] The singer co-wrote the lead single, " Whatchulookinat ", which was co-produced by her husband, Bobby Brown . [20] The song is a response to how Houston considered herself to be a victim of unwanted media attention, as she sings "My following is real strong/ You got the heart to show the world what I do/ Now I'm turnin' the cameras back on you/ Same spotlights, the ones who gave me fame/ Tryin' to dirty up Whitney's name." [21] The album's second single, " One of Those Days ", is a slow R&B track with a retro feel. [22] [23] Houston released her first and only Christmas album in November 2003. [24] She recorded cover versions of several traditional Christmas songs, including " The First Noel " and " Little Drummer Boy ". [25] " One Wish (For Christmas) " was released as the sole single from the album on November 7, 2003. [26] Her sixth studio album, I Look to You , was released in August 2009. [27] The title track is a gospel song, written by R. Kelly , which pertains to Houston's faith in God . [28] [29] The album's second single, " Million Dollar Bill ", is an old school R&B song which was written by Alicia Keys , Swizz Beatz and Norman Harris. [28] [30]

Bobby Brown, center, outside Emory Hospital in Atlanta in February 2015 where daughter Bobbi Kristina Brown was being treated.   (Photo: Ron Harris, AP)

What everybody knew (and knows) about is Whitney’s relationship with Eddie Murphy, Whitney being in love with Jermaine Jackson, Whitney being married to Bobby Brown for almost 15 years and Whitney dating Ray J.

Cissy Houston - He / I Believe / Nothing Can Stop MeCissy Houston - He / I Believe / Nothing Can Stop MeCissy Houston - He / I Believe / Nothing Can Stop MeCissy Houston - He / I Believe / Nothing Can Stop Me